John 14:10

"Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me?" - John 14:10

My soul, thou wilt never sufficiently contemplate this blessed oneness between the Father and the Son, in the great work and glory of redemption. Pause this morning, and observe for the confirmation of thy faith, that as Jesus is one with the Father in all the essence and attributes of the Godhead, so God the Father is one with Jesus. in all the offices of redemption. God was in Christ's human nature; for he is said to have been "God manifest in the flesh." God was in every name of Christ, every work of Christ, every word of Christ, every office of Christ, every attribute of Christ. And hence, in seeing Christ, we truly see God; in all his grace, mercy, love, salvation, and every blessing connected with our present, future, eternal happiness. And what a sweet thought is that, my soul, for thee to dwell upon; that as the Father is in Jesus, and in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, so, in consequence, there is a fullness of grace and a fullness of glory in Jesus to give out a supply here of the one, and hereafter of the other, to satisfy the most capacious desires of the souls of his redeemed to all eternity. For the human nature being personally united to the God-head in the person of the Lord Jesus, there must be this fullness everlastingly dwelling. There may be, and for certain purposes sometimes there are, great gifts and graces of the Spirit poured out upon the Lord's servants; but never could the Godhead be found in any but Jesus. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself." Pause once more, my soul, and ask thyself, hast thou Christ? Then hast thou God the Father in him. Where Christ is, God the Father is; and where Christ is not, there God is not. See then, my soul, that? this is the standard to ascertain the reality of thy case as it appears before God. Hast thou Jesus for thy portion? Then the Father is in him. Dost thou love Jesus? Then must thou love the Father in him. Dost thou seek Jesus? Then art thou seeking the Father in him. Oh for grace to discover our true interest in all the Father's covenant engagements, and promises, from this very source: that this everlasting oneness between the Father and Son infallibly secures to his people all the blessings of redemption, for in seeing the Son, we literally and truly see the Father, and glorify the Father in Jesus. Amen.

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